Warranty Terms

General Warranty & Disclaimer

The below warranties specifically do not cover the normal wear and tear of materials that can be expected over time, the misuse of the product(s), or by acts of God. Fabric and Material warranties do not cover labor or installation unless specifically stated by the manufacturer.

Warranty Claim Service

  • Please contact us prior to sending your fabricated fabric product in for repair, all claims must be accompanied by the proper documentation requested by our representative.
  • Please call 727.597.4142 ~ Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 5:00pm EST
    Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm EST if you have any questions.

Swing Bed Aluminum & Fabrication

Haven and Harmony (H & H) warrants the fabrication of their Swing Bed frame and exclusively fabricated H & H accessories. We agree to repair or replace, or cause to be repaired or relaced, any part of the Swing Bed frame which may prove to be defective in workmanship or materials, within a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery. Ordinary wear and tear, acts of God, building structural integrity, non-licensed installation, corrosive agents and unusual abuse or neglect is excluded. All fasteners should be inspected annually to insure they continue to be properly tightened. Warranties expressed from the manufacturer are made part of this warranty.

Powder Coat

  • Haven and Harmony warrants its factory-applied, marine grade, powder coatings on the Swing Bed aluminum materials will not fail or substantially deteriorate when the coated product is properly utilized and subjected to normal climatic exposure for a period of five (5) years from the date of shipment ("Warranty Period"). If during the Warranty Period, the aluminum Material exterior coating exhibits any cracking, peeling or excessive fading, H & H will repair or replace the defective coating at its option, at no charge to the Purchaser, if the Purchaser promptly notifies H & H in writing and furnishes proof of purchase when such failure or deterioration becomes evident.
  • Damage to the finish coating caused by improper handling during shipment and placement in service, or damage or failure caused by acts of God, falling objects, external forces, explosion, fire, riots, civil disturbance, acts of war, radiation, misuse or abuse in application or any other such occurrences beyond H & H's control, is excluded.
  • The liability of H & H under this warranty, or for any loss or damage arising out of or connected with the design, application, sale or use of the exterior coating, whether the claim is based on contract or negligence, shall not exceed the price allocable to the value of the original coating which gives rise to the claim and upon expiration of the Warranty Period all such liability shall terminate. H & H shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages including, but not limited to, loss of profits or revenue, loss of use of equipment, substitute equipment cost or labor charged to remove or reinstall defective product, nor any product transportation expenses to and from H & H process plant if factory replacement of the defective coating is necessary. Authorization must be obtained from H & H before any product is returned for recoat.

Hanging Kits

When using our rope, chain and hardware hanging kits, all weight limits and guidelines should be followed as listed above. Haven and Harmony is not responsible for any injuries, losses and damages incurred with the use of these products. We require all swingbed installations and their components be completed by a licensed local contractor.


  • Our 1" manila rope is a natural fiber product that requires regular inspection to ensure the integrity of the hanging kit. Working load is 1,600 lbs.
  • Our 1" unmanila rope is synthetic. It will not rot or shrink when it is exposed to rain and humidity and is resistant to many chemicals. Working load is approximately 2,000 lbs.
  • Our 1" black rope is made of polypropylene. It can be stored wet and will not rot or mildew. Working load is approximately 2,000 lbs.


Type 316 Stainless Steel

Rugged, highly corrosion resistant, low magnetic stainless used worldwide. Best grade for salt water and marine applications. Working load 2,600 lbs.

Zinc Plated

G30 proof coil chain is ideal for all ordinary applications. Manufactured to specifications developed by the National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM) and ASTM A413/A413M Grade 30. Working load 1,300 lbs.

Hot-dipped Galvanized

High tensile strength carbon steel anchor (windlass) chain with an ISO short link. Hot dip galvanized finish is recommended for all marine applications. Working load 2,600 lbs.

Cotter Pin

Detent Pin 1/4" x 1.250" (1-1/4) Medium Carbon Steel Zinc Clear. Medium carbon steel externally covered with a clear layer of zinc to provide resistance to corrosion. Carbon content level range of 0.23.

Seasonal Cover

Sunbrella Awning Fabric

Sunbrella Awning/Marine fabric is a Solution-Dyed Colored canvas. Thanks to solution dyeing, Sunbrella's colors won't wash out and they also resist fading. That's because the colors are added to the liquid acrylic mixture, thus becoming an inherent part of the fiber and ultimately the canvas. The vivid hues are identical on both sides of the fabric, and they stand up to sun, rain, wind and pollutants that can make other colors fade or run. Plus, Sunbrella is highly soil resistant.

Climate Control

Used as awnings, Sunbrella can block 75% of the sun's heat and reduce a room's temperature from 8 to 15 degrees. Laboratory-controlled and outdoor exposure tests have shown that the air underneath a Sunbrella awning is 22% cooler than the air under coated awnings. Sunbrella is not coated but has pores that allow air and moisture to escape. Because of its outstanding breathability, condensation is never a problem. With the use of Sunbrella, air conditioning savings can reach 25%.


Sunbrella canvas is easy to care for simply by brushing off loose dirt and washing the canvas with mild, soapy water and a soft brush. Rinse thoroughly and air dry. For complete cleaning instructions, visit our cleaning & care page.

Sunbrella Awning Fabric Warranty

Sunbrella awning/marine canvas carries an excellent ten-year limited warranty.

Sunbrella Awning Fabric Specifications

  • General Classification: Solution-dyed acrylic.
  • Description: Woven fabric, made of 100% acrylic fibers. These are solution-dyed fibers with a fluorocarbon finish.
  • Typical Weight: Approximately 9.25 oz. per square yard.
  • Width: 46 inches. Selected solid colors are also available in 60-inch widths.
  • Colors: Very resistant to ultraviolet rays and color degradation. Most colors tested up to 1500 hours in a fadeometer with minimal or no color change. Over 100 solids and stripes available.
  • Underside: Same as top surface - both sides alike.
  • Surface: Plain weave. Excellent breathability.
  • Transparency Level: Translucent, depending on color.
  • Abrasion Resistance: Good
  • Dimensional Stability: Good. Some shrinkage in hot weather, some stretch in cold or damp weather.
  • Mildew Resistance: Excellent. Fabric will not support the growth of mildew. Mildew growing on foreign matter attached to fabric is easily removed.
  • Durability/Average Life Span: 5-10 years. (Depending on climate and proper care of fabric.)
  • Flame Resistance (FR): Not flame-retardant.
  • Chemical Resistance: Fabric highly resistant to acids, alkalies and solvents.
  • Water Repellence: Excellent.
  • Oil Resistance: Good.
  • Sew ability: Excellent.
  • Heat Sealing: Can be heat sealed using equipment per manufacturer's specification

Swing Bed Cushions & Pillows

Sunbrella Furniture Fabric

Sunbrella upholstery fabric has the durability that Sunbrella is known for, only with a softer feel. From elegant weaves and subdued hues indoors to fabulous, festive colors and patterns outdoors, Sunbrella furniture fabric offers incredible resistance to stains, weather and wear no matter where it's used on a boat, patio furniture, screened-in-porches, bathrooms or sunrooms. It's the ideal solution for easy living.


  • Contents: 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic.
  • Weight: Approximately 8.0 ounces per sq. yard/271 grams per sq. yard.
  • Width: 54"/137.1 cm.
  • Flammability: All Sunbrella canvas solids, stripes, ribs, textures and linens meet California Technical Bulletin #117 Sec. E (CS 191-53) Classification: 1 normal flammability.

Cleaning Instructions

Sunbrella canvas features a soil stain resistant finish that makes clean up a breeze. For detailed cleaning instructions, please visit our cleaning & care page.

Sunbrella Upholstery / Furniture Fabric Warranty

Sunbrella Furniture Fabric features a 5 year limited warranty. This warranty is valid only if a sample of the fabric and a copy of the bill for the item purchased are submitted.

Additional Sunbrella Warranty Information

  • This warranty protects the Original Purchaser of Sunbrella fabric.
  • This warranty protects against Sunbrella fabric becoming unserviceable due to color or strength loss from normal usage and exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew and atmospheric chemicals.
  • This warranty covers Sunbrella fabric only.
  • This warranty does not cover normal care and cleaning; damage from misuse or abuse; improper installation; or costs associated with replacement of the fabric, including labor and installation.

Glen Raven (the manufacturer of Sunbrella fabric) liability is expressly limited to this warranty. Glen Raven reserves the right to inspect the fabric submitted for claim. Glen Raven will supply new equivalent fabric to replace the fabric that becomes unserviceable.

For warranty claims, contact:

Glen Raven at: Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, LLC
1831 North Park Avenue
Glen Raven, NC 27217 USA
Telephone: 336.221.2211
Fax: 336.586.1169

Consumers who purchased an awning, cushion, boat top, roller shade or manufactured custom product should contact the fabricator or retailer from whom you purchased the end product.

Workmanship Warranty

We warrant our custom sewn fabricated fabric products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for six (6) months after shipped date. Our liability shall be limited to replacement or repair, at our determination, of the defective or nonconforming product(s) and/or materials.

Swing Bed Cushion Bundles

Cushion bundle Sunbrella Fabric: Sunbrella limited 5-year warranty on their fabrics against loss of color or strength from normal exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew, and atmospheric chemicals. The warranty covers the fabric itself and does not include any labor costs associated with replacement.

To be eligible for the warranty, the fabric must have been used in the recommended manner and installed according to Sunbrella's instructions. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect, or any other external factors such as vandalism, fire, or natural disasters.

Cushion bundle foam and polyfill: Everyone has their own preference when it comes to the feel of cushions and comfort. PatioLane.com uses only the industry's highest quality foam products. We are not responsible should the customer not accept the comfort, feel or form of the foam fill.