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Pictured above: standard-sized pillow shams in Sunbrella Lure Nautical; 20x20 throw pillows made with Sunbrella Capra Indigo and Kindle Indigo; 24x12 lumbar pillow in Sunbrella Maritime Nautical. Also featured is an embroidered Sunbrella Ship Wheel pillow.

A navy inspired Sunbrella curated room using nautical elements to get you one step closer to the water's edge. Recreating this curated room is as easy as choosing which patterns you like and then choosing which ones to have as a Sunbrella bed runner or bed throw pillows. We used the Sunbrella Maritime Nautical pattern as the front and center pillow with its whimsical rope design. The other Sunbrella throw pillows in this curated room use navy patterns such as Sunbrella Kindle Indigo, the polka dot Sunbrella Lure Nautical and Capra Indigo. There's also an embroidered pillow with a ship wheel, just in case you are maritime dreaming.

Country of Manufacture United States
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